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ミ ラ コ ロ ソ

The Ethereal World and releated websites community

Miracles sometimes happen!
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Nekoi Echizen graphics/updates community

About Miracoloso

Welcome.In Miracoloso a community realized by nekoi_echizen to share her graphics (icons, banners, wallpapers) and updates her websites/shrines/fanlistings.
Who is interested to watch this community and comments the entries are more then welcome, but remember that this is a watch only community.
The few rules here are:
1. Be polite in your replies.
2. Don't ask for uploads or reuploads or the images proveniences. (Most of them are my own pics or from sites that gave me permission to share)
3. My websites and shrines have also galleries that you are allowed to see, but if you will use the pictures inside credit me and use them only for graphics. Don't share them everywhere else.
4. Credit nekoi_echizen if you use graphics releated (icons,banners..)

In this community you won't find mature content or similar. If you think to find here doujinshis or similar, you belong in the wrong place.
If you have any qustion here there is a FAQs list. If you have more question feel free to post them there and I'll answer you.
Affiliates.If you are interested to be my affiliates reply here following the istructions I've added in the thread.

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