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Update: 4 new + 3 revamps + 1 adoption

It's been a while since my last update here but some stuffs happened and I hadn't time for it. Anyways:

New fanlisting
                        TaflRevamped/MovedAdopted out
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Update: 2 new = 1 TAFL and 1 TFL

Well RL forced me to choice to close some fanlisting and some are waiting that new owners realize an home for them. But I was even blessed with some awesome approvals recently that I've still in upcoming. The one I'm working now is Cobie Smulders (actress) fanlisting. The 2 fanlistings I've finished recently are:
  • Where Heroes Born - the fanlisting for the famous magazine  Weekly Shounen Jump. All the Jump releated FL are welcome as affiliates! 
  • Hate & Love - the fanlisting for the Scrubs pair Dr. Perry Cox and Jordan Sullivan! :)
I was approved even for the Sullivan herself but I choice to close the FL because I felt to much an hog and the otp is enought for me and also because as I said I need to cut down! But I've another Scrubs FL approved, the Chris Turk's one!;)  I've actually 4 upcoming and some pending adoptions applications. I didn't applied for anything in both the boards actually. I'll apply only for subjects that I really love and wish to have as I did for the adoptions applications. The closed FL are: Tanaka Rie, Hiroki Takahashi, Tai Sou (Akaboshi), Leonard (Angelique Etoile), J.D. (Neo Angelique) and Scramble (School Rumble). With the new year I'll give out some other fanlisting I suppose, didn't wanted to put a bit batch of adoption all at once.
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Update: 1 new + collective revamp

Probably you will have a dejavue since I remember that I did a post with the same title earlier!XD Anyway I've finished my last upcoming, the Karnival fanlisting, with proud and I was able to finish the collective layout for the holiday marathon quiet fast so now I'll be able to focus on some revamp and adoptions.. yes it's even time for some adoptions! :)

Circus ~ Karneval Fanlisting

Mermaid's Christmas ~ Evil Cat collective

I wasn't able to make something with Seto no Hanayome so I thought that use some pictures of that tile for Christmas was a nice idea even if the layout it's provvisory an das you can see I'm still keeping the old one! ;) I suppose that I'll use more the skin option so I won't be forced to erase my old layouts if I don't want but I wish to make a new layout for my collective.
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Update: 2 new + plans

So not even the bronchitis can stop me from be productive, in fact I've finally handle to finish another fanlisting I was approved for, the Sion's one from the manga Di[e]ce that I have discovered not so far and found an amusing title. And I had finished this before my trip but I hadn't time to update it!:) I talk of the Birmans!

Glacial Bishop

Azure Eyes
Now my plans are to make a layout for skyria84 's birthday, a Xmas momentaneous lay for my collective paired with the actual one.. and finish my new upcoming, another new serie that I've discovered recently and that I adore! <3 Obvously even tons of revamp and prepare some adoptions.
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Affiliates ~ iconsakurakiss, solarlunar & alieterne + new lay

New affiliates joined this update community!

alieterne ~ the chibichan update community
solarlunar ~ my beloved daugher mist_ball update community
iconsakurakiss ~ my beloved mommy shirubia update/graphic community

Follow these awesome communities that have lot of awesome graphics that you'll enjoy to see! 

Also miracoloso get a new layout! ;) Feel free to check it with your eyes! 

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Update: 1 new + 6 revamps

Orz, sorry it I hadn't update all of these per time but I am and was quite busy! XD So here the list of productions I did by the last update.


Crimson - Harada Sanosuke (Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan)

And my contact page.

I've also updated Ethereal World with more icons and news releated to my shrines. I've added there even a cute Starry Sky calendar! :) 

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Update: 3 new fanlistings - Izumi Curtis - Tai Sou & S.t.a.r.S

After long days of works I've finally finished my 3 nearest upcoming without the use of temps (in countrary of what other lames owners does for almost all of their new not-adopted FL). And I have to say that even if I was in hurry my layouts came well enought. Now I can focus on some other stuffs before the other dead line of my unique upcoming.
Anyway here the FL I did, feel free to join if you like or ask affiliation
  •   S.t.a.r.S - Yoko Character song (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann)
  • Tai Sou - Akaboshi Ibun Suikoden (thanks to happylime and rinchuusama community for the pics)
  • Izumi Curtis - Fullmetal Alchemist
These are my latest fanlisting. Soon I'll try to realize a small info site of Hakuouki! ;)
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[icons] S.Y.K ~ Shinsetsu Saiyuuki

I was quite inspired since I looked a lot on these pictures so I prepared some icons. They were for myself but then I thought that was better share them with everyeone who wish to use them. They're from a gamer names S.Y.K: Shinsetsu Saiyuuki. Another game inspired to the Saiyuuki legend ad you can guess from the name. To me it's an adorable game that derserve to be played! Little note: Goku is voiced by the awesome Suwabe Junichi!;)
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Credit me, don't claim the icon as your own propriety.

For more and various icons, look here.</div>

The chibi version will come soon!;)
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Update: 3 new fanlistings - Guy&Natalia, Raphael, Mitzreal

The sky have a new archangel? No no!Hehe! That is my beloved boss, mitzreal ! I kindly received her fanlisting in adoption from Manda and I finished it today. Cause of the lake of time I couldn't show you my other 2 fanlistings/site so I think that before go to sleep I could share them with you all! 

So the first one if my OTP of Tales of The Abyss. A marvelous duo who makes the played laugh and dream at the same. If only Natalia would forget about Ash and Luke!-_- Guy is there for you!DX
Anyway here the Guy Cecile & Natalia Lazu Kimuelasca  Lanvaldear of Tales of the Abyss! ^_^

Then my kill for granted, my beloved turle (or also the turtle of my heart! ♥). Raphael is my favourite by when I was a child and you will never beleve how much I loved him after the 2003 serie (and you will never believe how hot his the human version made by the fans!XD) .
So here the fanlisting of my beloved Raphael/Raffaello.

fervent HOT Blood
And the surprising new entry, the fanlisting that I dedicated myself for days and days non-stop!  I made two layots for her so feel free to check both of them if you like. It's the fanlisting for mitzrael ! ♥ I tried to do my best faster I could do and better I could since these days I was also sick! Sincerely I'm quite satisfied of the layout I did even if next time I'll try to improve more!Sesshomaru-san and ItaSasu are the subjects! Enjoy!

Next fanlisting will be S.t.a.r.S one! I hope to be able to make a cute lay per time since I have few time to make it and also Tai Sou and Izumi, not talking of 3 revamps for a marathon!