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[Adoptions] Time for me to leave some

Hi there, long time not using livejournal and long time since I posted here.

Well today I'm here because it's time for me to let some fanlistings go to other owners that could love the subjects more then I do since I lost interest in them. I actually feel way blessed for having them and for the approvals I had recently and will always be thankful.

The rules are the usual:
  1. Collectionists are unwelcome. As much as copycatsand fake users. Only true people that loves the subject please.
  2. I'll be picky in my choice but if I find someone that I judge a suitable owner I'll adopt them before the due data.
  3. Give Name, Email, URL of example and a reason why you want/love the subject. The longer the better. I'm italian so if you're of my country you can write them in that language. Other languages that aren't english are forbidden.
  4. You've no more time then 2 weeks after I choice you to have the fanlisting up.
  5. You must keep members and affiliates and credit me as previous owner. You can keep the codes if you like but you've to take them from the fanlisting.
  6. If you can't have a layout up in 2 weeks, I'll give you my layout but only if you credit me for it. This always for ppl having, in my advice, already proper graphics skills. Otherwise you'll make in touch with me and I'll give you 1 more week to make a layout. No answer after the 2 weeks mean that I'll retire the adoption and will choice someone else or will close it.
  7. If who apply doesn't suit my standards I'll close the fanlistings or will keep them.

Said this, here the subject I'm giving out. Please don't refrain yourself from apply. This apply even to those I had a horrible past, my judgement will be based on your love for the subject, graphic skills and owner reliableness. Personal feelings will be kept for myself. 

* i haven't lost interest but feel it's time to leave, however I won't close them
$ previous owner has first dibs

Actor/Musicians Male: Hoshi Souichirou CLOSED (members list saved)
Actor/Musicians Male: Suwabe Junichi KEEPING
Characters TV Shows: [+] Characters of How I Met Your Mother $ - contacted and awaiting for one answer  CLOSED (members list saved) previous owner didn't replied me so I'm so sorry..
Games: Ghost Trick, Phantom Detective shiny new owner found
Games: Characters: Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan - Nagakura Shinpachi CLOSED (members list saved)
Games: Characters: Sengoku Basara - Sarutobi Sasuke CLOSED (members list saved)
Games: Relationships: Final Fantasy XIII - Lightning and Serah Farron CLOSED (members list saved)
Games: Relationships: Kiniro no Corda - Tsuchiura Ryotaro & Hino Kahoko (awaiting for an answer)
Games: Relationships: Sengoku Basara: Date Masamune & Sanada Yukimura CLOSED (members list saved)
Foods/Drinks: Mandarine oranges (previous owner doesn't want it back)  CLOSED (members list saved)
Mythology/Religion: Maneki Neko CLOSED (members list saved)
Webmasters: Mitchii * KEEPING
Webmasters: Mitzrael * (previous owner doesn't want it back) KEEPING


Characters 0-M: Eyeshield 21 - Kid / Mushanokoji Shien shiny new owner found moved
Characters 0-M: Eyeshield 21 - Deimon Devil Bats * KEEPING
Characters 0-M: FMA - Izumi Curtis CLOSED (members list saved)
Characters 0-M: Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan - Nagakura Shinpachi  CLOSED (members list saved)
Characters N-Z: Nurariyon no Mago - Yuki Onna CLOSED (members list saved)
Characters N-Z: RG Veda - Souma-O CLOSED (members list saved)
Characters N-Z: Soul Eater - Blair CLOSED (members list saved)
Characters N-Z: Soul Eater - Spirit CLOSED (members list saved)
Characters N-Z: Star Driver - Sugata Shindo
Characters N-Z: Trinity Blood - Astaroshe Asran shiny new owner found
Relationships: Air Gear - Mikura Kazuma and Adachi Emiri CLOSED (members list saved)
Relationships: FMA - Roy Mustand and Jean Havoc CLOSED (members list saved)
Relationships/Rivalries: Sengoku Basara: Date Masamune & Sanada Yukimura CLOSED (members list saved)
Relationships: Tokyo Babylon/X1999 - Hokuto & Subaru Sumeragi $ - unable to find the previous owner, if you are contact me CLOSED (members list saved)
Relationships: Kiniro no Corda - Tsuchiura Ryotaro & Hino Kahoko (awaiting for an answer)
Music: Code Geass (previous owner doesn't want it back) shiny new owner found
Series: Bakuman CLOSED (members list saved)
Songs: One Piece - Binks no Sake CLOSED (members list saved)
Songs: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann - S.t.a.r.S. CLOSED (members list saved)
Songs: Tiger and Bunny - Orion wo Nazoru shiny new owner found

You've time until the 19 June 27th June (deadline extended) to apply to nekoiechizen [@] gmail [.] com, then they'll close or will get new owners. I'm contacting slowly all the previous owners. Contacted all the owners I've found, awaiting for answers.

Also, kanki_yamato is adoption out all of her fls cause real life and work take her lot of time and she can't handle them so, even then make them decay, she is trying to adopt the most out before closing them. Please check her fls and contact her in rukia_kuchiki@libero.it or me in my email. I'll help her making her choices. However some has already gone! I make here a list of those not available. Here is a sort of first come first served, however if your apps won't be good you won't automatically have the fanlisting. Show your love or you won't stand a chance.

Adopted out
  • Mamoru Miyano (already has new link)
  • Aquairon Evol: Amata Sora (already has new link)
  • Aquarion Evol: Amata & Mikono (already has new link)
  • Tiger and Bunny: Keith Goodman (already has new link)
  • Ace Attorney Investigations: Shi Long Lang (already has new link)
  • Optimism (already has new link)
  • Toradora: Taiga (already has new link)
  • Fairy Tail: Erza and Sieg
  • Eyeshield 21: Kakei Shun (already has new link)
  • Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt: Anarchy Stocking (already has new link)
  • Black Rock Shooter: Dead Master
ああ!私はそれを持って!★ Kobato

Feedback post

Even if I own an ebay account, it's correct have a place where the buyer can leave ma feedback once they receive their items and to make other buyer more comfortable.
I've made some sales and until now my buyer were all more then satisfied. Please post you feedback here for future awareness of more buyer and yours. Also to consolidete the security of my sales.

Thank you! :D

Nekoi Echizen
dai-gurren brigade ★ TTGL

[selling] #001

Hi everyone.

I've finally open my small shop here in livejournal, even if I'm new over here, I've already sold stuffs via ebay. So you can check my feedbacks here.
  • All the comments here are screened to safe your personal informations,  if you still doesn't feel secure enought, pm me with your questions
  • Request using the alphabetical and numerical codes I'll give to each item.
  • First come first served, if the person before you will no longer be interested in the item, I'll contact you.
  • Who will buy items for more then 50$ will receive a special item at my choise as token of gratitude. (first one will receive a drama cd, then I'll choose something else to give you)

Once the transaction is over and you receie your item, leave your feedback.

Collapse )
運命 ★ Michiru [BSSM]

Joining the help_japan legion

My apologize if there were a long distance from my last update here, but today I'm posting on the community to announce to who follow me that I'm taking arts requests in help_japan . Your offert will all go to help Japan after the earthquake and tsunami disaster. Please don't rexist.
Bidding are opened even outside of the help_japan  if you wish something out of it. Everything will go however as help for the Sendai region.
crushing your ass ★ Date [SenBasa]

New + Update: twitter update community, new fls and adoptions.

It's been a long time since my last update here, I've plenty of new things to show here.  First of all, thanks to uncieloazul  (who convinced me) I made a twitter update community for both my collectives.
Then morning-glow.net became my TFL releated collective.

I was blessed also with lot of new wonderful approvals in both the fanlistings sites. Let's start with TAFL's ones.
  1. Yuki Onna / Tsurara Oikawa (Nurarihyon no Mago)
  2. Kuroi Mato aka Black Rock Shooter (BRS OVA)
  3. Seto no Hanayome
Then TFL's, adopted inclused.
  1. Lightning and Serah Farron (Final Fantasy XIII)
  2. Segel Jason (thanks to Rachel for the adoption)
  3. Hercules (Hercules - Disney)
  4. Friends/Friendships (which I dedicated to all my friends)
  5. Katakura Kojuro (Sengoku Basara)
  6. Sarutobi Sasuke (Sengoku Basara)
  7. Shi Long Lang (Gyakuten Kenji)
  8. Donald Duck (Disney) [thanks to Camilla for the adoption)
Then fanlistings that I revamped or moved.
  1. Amazons (Greek Mythology)
  2. Optimism (Concept/Idea)
  3. Mandarin Orange (fruits)
  4. Shih-Tzu (dog breed)
  5. Balmung (.hack//series)
More moved and revamps on coming: Gwenhwyvar and Maneki Neko at first. Now some news:

K' Dash
fanlisting was crosslisted in TAFL  un Characters 0-M (finally)! <3 Plenty of fanlisting reached milestones (the list is too long).

The upcoming projects:

Nightwatcher.org as porfolio
Libera-me.org as art site/portfolio. Realizing the art to use for the graphic.
Preparing the personalized Christmas wishing tickets, if anyone is interested receiving it contact me via pm or in my personal journal.

If you want order a ticket, pm me with details.
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Update: 3 new and 1 adoption

As mentionated in my last post I had the Nakapan fanlisting on coming, now it's ready and wish to receive more members. As for all the actors releated I'm not affiliated with Nakai-sama or have any contact with him. This is a fansite with the purpose to create a crew of fans who adore Nakai-sama!

With him I've ready the Bakuman fanlisting, which took me more because I wanted to realize an art with the two of them that you'll be able to see as the statistics of the fanlisting. During this time I received 3 more approval and I've finished 2 of them: the Date Masamune & Sanada Yukimura fanlisting and the Prof. Layton one.
  •    Nakai Kazuya fanlisting
  •    Saiko & Shujin (Bakuman) fanlisting
  •   Date Masamune & Sanada Yukimura (Sengoku Basara) fanlisting [still have to add some affiliates-sibling]
  •    Prof. Hershel Layton (Prof. Layton games) fanlisting
I'm working on some revamp, on my last upcoming and the Jason Segel fanlisting that Rachel T kindly adopt me!>__< I'm less productive cause in addition with graphic I draw a lot recently!^o^  And also because I'm moving all the TFL fanlisting under morning-glow.net subdomains (I'll send all the moved forms at once) and this mean that I've to revamp some of them before move them in the new link!>_<
Maya fanlisting graphic is ready but I've 12 more revamps to do!XD;;; I'm fried...xD  But I'd never use a stupid temp and if I say that I'll revamp a fanlisting I keep my words!U_U So wish me luck! :3
♥ ★ Shura (AnE)

[Adoption] Made my choice

Well I didn't received actually an application per time then Astaroshe's so I decided to keep all of the FL except the Dogs trio and Anime/Manga gag doujinshis (I suppose that I'm not made to own a fanstuff fl.
My apologize to who sent the applications later but once I made a choice I rarely take it back and now I've started the revamp for those FL that haven't been adopted out.

Anyway 1 more upcoming other then Nakai Kazuya joined the list, mykaa  is kindly adoptiong me the Saiko & Shujin FL (Bakuman). Layout is ready but I'm woring on the "statistic" pic since in countrary of what some thieves does I don't use pixiv arts for the stats if I doesn't have chibi or similar for the subjects.

I've revamped and moved recently the Hajime Saito fanlisting which I received crosslist in TAFL (and also for the Harada and Shinpachi's). I'll add more codes in the last 2 soon, for now my focus was on Saito which I made new sections and preparing more additional stuffs with my friend date_masamune69  which adore him as I do! <33

More icons will be added soon! Nakapan fl will be also ready soon!
♥ ★ Shura (AnE)

Adoptions: TAFL and TFL

First of all allow me to say that it's not that I am interested anymore on these subjects, I'm leaving these because my real life is taking more time from me due to some serious matters that only my friends knows (also lj's one). I didn't had even had the time to up the marvelous layout that my secret Santas made for me..
The procrastination for my last fanlisting really makes me think that maybe it's time to give some out to people that maybe will have a better care then me. I'd repromized myself more then once to revamp them and I wasn't able to do it so I feel that it's time to go for them.

The rules are the usuals:
  1. Comments here are screened so you can apply here if you like. If you don't feel confortable using LJ you can apply using my contact form picking "adoptions" in contents.
  2. Useless state "no collectors", I'll recognize it myself if you are or not. So feel free to apply the whole of you.
  3. Add in the subject (of the email or post) ADOPTION: [name of the FL you want to adopt]. Don't apply for more FL at once, apply separately, please.
  4. Give Name, Email, url of sample and a reason because you want the FL and because you should be a good owner.  (please don't wrote just 1 or 2 sentences, I like long applications).
  5. Have the FL up in 2-3 weeks.
  6. Credit me as the previous owner and contact me if you will adopt the fanlisting out in future.
  7. Keep members (obligatory) and affiliates (optional) and advice them of the movement of the fanlisting.
  8. If you won't have the FL up per time due to rl issue, please contact me per time and we will talk about a deadline extention.
  9. I reserve the right to keep the fanlisting if I won't find any suitable owner of the who will apply.
Some of these fanlisting will close if none will apply, in countrary some won't but I haven't decided which so don't rexist and apply if you want.

TAFL fanlistings
  • Chara: Lal Mirch (Katekyou Hitman Reborn) - Contacting previous owner / contacting KIM list / will be extremely picky
  • Chara: Astaroshe Asran (Trinity Blood)
  • Chara: Shiho Hahnenfuss (Kidou Senshi Gundam Seed) / will be extremely picky
  • Relationship: Badou, Naoto and Haine (Dogs - Bullets and Carnag)
  • Relationship: Roy Mustang & Jean Havoc (Fullmetal Alchemist) - still not sure if adopt this one / contacting KIM list / will be extremely picky
  • Fanstuff: Anime/Manga gag doujinshis
  • Actors/Musician-male: KENN  - Ohashi Ken'ichiro
  • Games -> Chara: Sazaki (Harukanaru toki no naka de 4)
  • Games -> Chara: Hyuga (Neo Angelique)
  • Games -> Chara: Daisukenojo Bito aka Beat (The World Ends With You/Subarashiki Kono Sekai)  / will be extremely picky
  • History/Royalty: Musashi Miyamoto / still not sure about this one
  • Webmistress: Giada (graphema.net)
The deadline will be the 23 May, but if I'll receive an application that will impress me for good the fanlistings could be adopted before that line.
♥ ★ Shura (AnE)

Update: 3 adoptions and 2 approval

I must stop procrastinating with the updates over here.. well recently I procrastinated plenty of stuffs. Also some adoption batches. I must totally do it this week. However I can't stop myself from be exalted anytime I make graphics. I should totally start some revamps even if i'm also glad of some blessing approvals that I received recently.
In fact i couldn't believe my eyes expecially for the 3 adoptions I received. I'll be never thankful enought for them.

Approved & adopted fanlistings.
I'm so happy of these all. They are all adoptions that I didn't expected to receve and that makes me so happy! :)  In upcoming there is the Nakai Kazuya fanlisting!;) 
♥ ★ Shura (AnE)

Update: 4 new + Kid is back at home + Morning-glow layout

I alway took to much from an update to another. I should less lazy! LOL!
I've made some new fanlistings and Kid fanlisting went back to me from my previous adopter. And also I was finally able to realize a layout for Morning-Glow paired with my Evil Cat collective one.

New Fanlisting + Reopened.
And finally the graphics I made for my collective and my beloved shiny network.  
Ah yes this isn't an April fool, maybe for someone this is but I swear it isn't. I was planning to use Miku and BRS since months and I was never able to do it due to upcoming and revamps/moving I had to do. I hope to be able to do the same I did for Morning-Glow also for Libera-Me.Org and NightWatcher.Org.. even creating less layouts since I made around 5-6 that were then erased for Morning-Glow.Net..XD
One of the thing that  I should do with my last upcoming is fix and refill my kill for wishes. Not that I have anything to remove except some things that beacame normal wishes, but I have totally to add some new top list...*happy sigh*